Arraignment Held For May Day 5



Phone: 216.236.4680

December 3rd, 2012. Today at 8:30 AM at King County Superior Court the arraignment was held for five persons with charges alleged to be in connection with the May Day protests and festival held by Occupy Seattle on International Worker’s Day. The defendants were notified last week of their summons to court today and were charged with infractions ranging from “Riot” to “Malicious Mischief” with the possibility of jail time amounting up to a year.

Two individuals did not appear. One person is currently on non-related travel arrangements and was rescheduled for the 31st of December. The other was charged with “Failure to Appear” and a warrant with $20,500 bail associated has been issued. The other three individuals were scheduled for pre-trial proceedings on the 17th of December.

SARC is continuing to engage in direct court support and will update media and comrades as developments occur. SARC is standing firm in its resolution to resist state repression of political activity and will be working in order to assist those targeted by Seattle Police Department in its attempt to harass and intimidate community organizers.


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