Local Clown Protester Becomes Target of Political Repression


Contact: sarc_contact@riseup.net

Phone: 216.236.4680

December 4rd, 2012. The Seattle Anti-Repression Committee has learned that another local activist has become the target of ongoing police efforts to suppress and silence political activity in radical movements. Gen’ral Malaise, a prominent and visible member of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) has received by mail a summons to court with the charge of “Pedestrian Interference” in connection to his alleged participation in a solidarity rally on September 26th. This charge carries the potential penalty of a $5000 fine or 364 days in jail.

Gen’ral Malaise is releasing this statement about his charges:

“This is an attempt to intimidate me from protesting and it will not work! I will not be deterred by erroneous charges or other attempts by the Seattle Police Department to intimidate me from expressing my 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendment rights! This clown stands in solidarity with all radical clowns and affirms his comrades’ right to say silly things to the fuzz without fear of state reprisal.”

SARC is dedicated to supporting the Gen’ral and all victims of political repression at the hands of the state. The nature of the delivery of the summons by mail indicates that Seattle Police Department is now disregarding the need for citation in order to engage in repressive tactics. It is without doubt that this charge and the charges against the May Day 5 are blatant attempts to intimidate and harass protesters from engaging in political activity and these tactics will not go unchallenged. This pattern of targeting radical activists must end.


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